how is it like, tell me my friend,
to feeding the ego with every demand?
your happiness, innocence, perfect life
behind the curtain of your lies

look in the mirror, where is the smile?
(you want my respect) but you had it for a while
(and what?!)
now You’re dancing with demons, and crossing the lines
like a blinded child

but you want more
like never before
you’re trying to ignore
but you’re losing control

when all your secrets
will fall to the ground,
patience and emptiness
that is all you will find
it’s clearly delusion
but it’s not a fairyland
you will pay for your hate

you are falling into insanity
There is something wrong with morality
everybody says: run away, save yourself

you can try to fight
with your racing life
it’s only on your mind
but if you lift your head up high
will you see the light?