Keeping memories in a distance…
drowning into the ‚grays’ of a daily life..

we know,
that we are servants of the self-proclaimed gods
we are deeply so strong
but still so blind
blind and deaf..

you’re waiting (faster and faster)
you’re waiting (faster and faster)
you’re waiting yes (faster and faster)
you’re waiting

Wait for me at home
Turn on the light before you fall asleep

(don’t) fight!
with all these nightmares in your head!
Wait for me at home
wait for me

but the heart is like a stone
you’re bored of watching the horizon
without hope..

In silence – Your faith turns into a poison
don’t turn off your mind,
put your doubts aside
and just..

yea, it’s easy to destroy
the goal of a life
make wrong decisions
and lose a ticket to paradise

but like a bird that has fallen out of the nest,
we are looking for the way back
although we only need to take a deep breath,
to see where we were stuck

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